Dr. Paul's Personal Migraine Story

As a child growing up in Carlsbad New Mexico, I remember the nights when my mom was on call and having to go with her to the hospital laboratory; listening to all those machines doing blood counts.  As a medical technologist, my mother was my hero!  I believed that there was nothing medicine couldn’t handle; it was the answer to anything and everything that ever ailed us.


As with anything in life, we gain more knowledge and wisdom with more experience.  Sometimes you simply don’t know what you don’t know.  This held true to me, as I quickly learned that my deeply rooted beliefs about medicine came crashing down.  I began experiencing debilitating migraine headaches during my studies in college, where I was studying to become an electrical engineer.  My migraines prevented me from being able to keep up with my studies.  As time went on, the migraines continued to get worse, and medicine wasn’t touching them.  I was miserable.

There were times at work that a migraine would come on quick and I would try to rush home.  Often, it would get bad enough that I was opening the door of the pickup to throw-up in the middle of the street.  I remember taking any and every drug I could get in me to make it go away – lying in bed with all the lights out and curtains drawn, dreading every time my heart would beat because I would feel that pounding in my head and it would rock my whole body.  I never felt more helpless in my life.  When I would wake up after it subsided, I was always pale as a ghost and fighting to function as a human.  I went to my medical doctor and they would say there wasn’t much they could do about it and to just keep the drugs on hand at all times.  Cocktails of pain killers ruled my life when it came to migraines and the constant fear of when that migraine would rare it’s ugly head.  The feelings of hopelessness are the ones that left me weak and unconfident.

More often than not, I would find myself out of town for work and would feel it coming on.  If I didn’t recognize it soon enough and take some drugs, or if I didn’t have any drugs to take, it would be bad news.  It was not uncommon to find myself in a parking lot of a closed store or office just curled up in the back seat with a coat over my head to block the light out, waiting for it to subside so I could continue my trip home.

The Day My Life Changed


After years of relying on medicine and just trying to get by, I knew I had to do something different.  Little did I know that me getting a migraine one day in my first trimester of chiropractic school would forever change my life!  One of my professors told me about a doctor on campus.  I somewhat chuckled because what this professor didn’t realize was that I had been to doctors, specialists and experts for my migraines and was left with the understanding that migraines were something that I had to live with.   Low and behold, this doctor was different…. he was a corrective care chiropractor and it was he who gave me not only relief, but an explanation as to WHY I was getting migraines in the first place.  It was this doctor who put me on a path of freedom from the damn things, no more did I live in fear of when and where they would knock my feet out from under me and ruin my day.


Today I have one of the largest pediatric based chiropractic clinics in the North Texas area, caring for kids that struggle with anxiety and sensory issues.  With all the families that come to me for care, I have started caring for a lot more moms and dads that struggle with migraines.  These migraines were keeping them from enjoying their lives and being the best parent they could.  Not only is it just parents now, but more and more individuals have found out about my practice and the power of the specific corrective chiropractic adjustment when it comes to giving them a migraine free life.  When I talk with a new patient that walks in my office that struggles with migraines, the conversation always goes to how they can’t function in life like they want to - they can’t go anywhere or be with their family, they have trouble keeping and performing their job, and much like me, they have tried everything modern medicine has to offer.  Of course, when they learn that I too struggled with migraines, the conversation takes a whole new tone.


Over the past several years, I have worked closely with a colleague and friend of mine, Dr. Cotey Jordan, who has a private practice in Pittsburgh, PA.  As the founders of the Pittsburgh Migraine Challenge, Dr. Cotey and his wife, Dr. Amanda have been able to help thousands of migraine sufferers get their lives back!


Because of the specific form of chiropractic care that we offer in our office that makes us unique and different, we decided to join forces and bring the Migraine Challenge to North Texas.  There are thousands of people in our local area who are struggling and suffering from migraines just like I did.  They are searching for help and hope for the answer to their pain.  If my story resonates with you then this message is for you.  If you allow it, Specific Corrective Care Chiropractic will transform your life as it has for me and many others.

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"I have now been able to go a couple weeks headache free, and when they do occur they are tolerable -even without medication." 

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