The Migraine Challenge kicked off nearly ten years ago and has since served over 2,800 sufferers. Together, we are the highest reviewed migraine doctors in the nation. 

We know what it’s like to suffer from debilitating migraines. Not only can we understand the miserable feelings you experience during a flare up, we can empathize with how it affects your relationships and quality of life. With a combined 15 years of suffering, we were determined to never stop until we found a solution. And that’s exactly what we did…


How we approach migraines in our office is very unique and different. It’s what we do that’s different that allows for our patients to get results where other systems fail. We have determined that The ONLY WAY to  permanently  eliminate migraines is through Optimal Nerve Function and The ONLY WAY to experience optimal nerve function in your body is through Specific Corrective Care Chiropractic.

We have developed a consistent and reliable blueprint to evaluate each individual patient and determine if our team is able to help them and their specific condition or not. This Challenge is the Hope you’ve been seeking.


Dr. Paul Queen grew up in rural southeast New Mexico in a farming and ranching community.  From a young age his mom and dad taught him how to work hard at whatever he did.  He loves the western ranch way of life; today he has a small ranch up in north Texas where he still finds time to ride and show his horses in reining events.  


His first career path took him to New Mexico State University where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering.   After attending NMSU and owning a family business in southeastern New Mexico, he decided that he wanted to pursue a second career where he could impact the lives of children and families and help them be the best version of themselves, so he went to school and started his mission of spreading the benefits of chiropractic care. He graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic here in Dallas, Tx.  During chiropractic school and right after he graduated, he had the opportunity to train and learn from some of the top chiropractors across the United States which gave him the opportunity to go beyond the text book and really learn technique and the philosophy of chiropractic care.  


In life, we all need a passion that keeps us grounded and focused, his passion are his horses.  There is a bond and energy that is built between a rider and his horse, and that sense of awareness is what helps him focus on the needs of his patients and the trust that they share – especially the kids that he works with.  Kids and patients must have trust in the person that works so closely with their nervous system.


Today Dr. Paul owns one of the largest pediatric based chiropractic practices in North Texas.  Caring for kiddos that struggle with sensory issues, spectrum disorders and attention deficit disorders has given him the opportunity to come in contact with many parents and others that suffer from migraines.   His friend and colleague, Dr. Cotey Jordan and his wife, Amanda, started the Pittsburgh Migraine challenge several years ago.  Since then they have helped hundreds of patients that struggle with migraines.  Since their practices and techniques are very similar, they decided to join forces and bring the Migraine Challenge to the North Texas area.  


Dr. Paul’s experiences with his own debilitating migraines allows him to understand and connect with his migraine patients on a level that most doctors could not relate to. Dr. Paul looks forward to hearing your story and struggles with migraines – let’s get you on the path to a migraine free life.

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It’s what we do that’s different and unique that allows us to get results where other systems fail. We are known for our specificity and long-term results. 

Pittsburgh Migraine Challenge, Cotey and Amanda Jordan

"I have now been able to go a couple weeks headache free, and when they do occur they are tolerable -even without medication." 

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Linda D.